Thursday, 18 April 2013

Lynette Anderson

When I came across this book on line, I knew that as I took a look inside I just had to have it. there is a quilt in there that matches the cushion on the front and I just LOVE it, my son was kind enough to buy it for me for mothers day,  just in case you are not in the UK ours is in March. I bought it and thought one day in the distant future, I would make the quilt, or even if I didn't I liked looking at it, the quilt is called Go Wild Garden, I have to say I'm not wild on the name though. 

Since then I have made friends with Val Spires over at Val Spires Sews, Val has the same book, and while chatting to Val via email, we have agreed to make the quilt at the same time, funny thing is we are not even in the same time zone. 

Now as I haven't made a quilt before and not even done any real patchwork, so we are starting small,  we are going to make the cottage garden sewing set first,  the needle case is first up and we are starting in May followed by the other to pieces over the next few months. 

We will then be moving on to a stand alone piece of the cushion on the front of the book. next, deep breath ..... the quilt. 

If you would like to join Val and myself, we would love to have you aboard, this is going to be a lot of fun, there is such a list of things I haven't tried before, I can't even begin to tell you, but I am telling myself what's the worst that can happen, plus there are so many lovely people in blog land that if I get stuck I know someone will help me. 

Bye for now


katherine said...

Sounds like a great way to broaden your horizons lol. I have borrowed that same book from our local library a couple of times now and really should think about getting my own copy.

joy said...

Good luck with your quilting endeavours. xx

Helen Marasco said...

Oh I know you will enjoy your journey,it's a beautiful book I have made the quilt and love it :-)))))

Val Spiers said...

I just love this book :) I have been flicking through thinking I would like to make all the projects eventually. I have put aside some of the Avalon fabrics to make the sewing set.

Crafty Jean said...

Good luck with your quilting projects Shirley, look forward to seeing them take shape. x

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