About me

Hi there, I'm Shirley Cryan, 2013 is my 49th year. What can I tell you about myself?

I love to make things.
I have lived in Birmingham all my life, my family are Irish I was the first one to be born in the UK.
I haven't travelled far, only been to London twice in my life, I have visited France once and Ireland, more than once or twice.
I'm a cancer survivor.
Over the years, I have done very different jobs, barmaid, shop assistant, receptionist, personal assistant, my last job was a manager of a charity (thrift) shop.
Up until 18 months ago I was a carer for my mother, now I am at home full time.

Favourite things

Cake - New York cheesecake although carrot cake comes a very close second.
Chocolate - Green and Blacks milk chocolate
Favourite book - Little women by Louisa May Alcott
Favourite film, I have two - 84 Charring Cross road, and This happy Breed (when I grow up I'm going to be just like Celia Johnson.)

7 Crafty Facts about me.

  1. The first sewing machine I used was a Singer treadle, (my mothers)
  2. My favourite Summer as a child, was one I spent time making petticoats.
  3. My dad taught me how to knit.
  4. A lady that used to volunteer at the charity shop I work showed me tapestry and I went from there onto cross stitch. 
  5. I have always dreamt of making a quilt, something I will be starting this year. 
  6. Although I never got to meet her, my Grandmother was a seamstress, I think making things are in my blood.
  7. My husbands family owned haberdashery shops in Ireland.

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