Wednesday, 9 January 2013

First delivery of 2013

Hi there thanks for stopping buy. Monday I had my first delivery of the year from  Sew and So, not a large order, I dread to think what I would be buying if money was no object, I do know it would be a lot of fun, but buying bits and pieces as I go is fun too.

I know the pictures could be better, I'm having trouble with the light, let hope they get better as I go on.

  •  Sewing/knitting and button gauge, I have decided it's time I build a proper sewing kit.
  • A vanishing fabric marker, I have wanted one of the since I saw it on kirsties homemade home, but I had trouble finding one.
  • 28 count even-weave, I bought it for a project, but now I see the colour I haven't decided I will it for that, not to worry it won't got to waste.
  • Dmc storage box, something else I have decided this year, although I have been stitching for a few years now, my threads have never really been sorting, I don't even have all the boxes I need so this one is for my collection. 
  •  7 Dmc threads, that I needed for things I will be stitching, I have just over half Dmc stranded cotton threads, I will get them all in the end. 

Yesterday I was out and I popped into Dunelm Mill, and look what I ended up at the till paying for. 
  • Fabric markers, up until the vanishing pen I just used tailors chalk, going to try a few different things. 
  • A magnetic Seam guide, it attaches to your machine stitch plate, and you guide for fabric along it and you get your steam straight. I hadn't even heard of until the other day, I read about it on a blog I think, they mentioned one of these, well I thought a girl has just got to have one of those, can't wait to try it out
  • Automatic needle threader, I need all help I can get in that department, does it work I hear you ask? Haven't a clue but for £1.75 I thought I would risk it I'll try it out and report back. 
Well, that's my craft goodies, now I get to play with them.


Wendy said...

Be careful with that "vanishing marker", one of two things usually happens - it vanishes in about 10 minutes or it never vanishes at all. They sell them in Hobbycraft too. I much prefeer the Frixon pens which you iron to remove, they're also fine line whereas the purple things are chunky.
The needle threader should work but only if you're using one strand, they don't work for more than one strand!

Shirley said...

Thanks for the advice Wendy, I thought the vanishing pen was too good to be true lol I've not heard of the Frixon pen, but I will find one. Looks ike I have a lot to learn. The needle threader isn't as good as I thought but, thinking about it now when you look at diagram it just show one thread but it didn't click.

Tracy said...

Hi Shirley, welcome to blogland, I'm really looking forward to seeing your crafty makes for the coming year, I use a water soluble pen which is pretty good. I like the idea of the magnetic seam guide would love to hear your thoughts on it. x

Shirley said...

Hi Tracy, thanks for the welcome everyone is being so friendly :) I'll let you know about the magnetic seam guide, I saw someone on you tube who thought they are really good, and they have four one on each of her machines. I don't normally do that much machine sewing, but I want to branch out, hence the new buys, Looks like I will be trying out lots of new pens :)

Crafty Jean said...

Hi Shirley, I see you are going to be a busy girl with all your recent purchases.

Shirley said...

Hi Jean, yes, 2013 is going to be the year of craft ;) x

Jille said...

A magnetic seam guide - how have I lived without it?

Jille xx

Shirley said...

Do you know what Jille, I have managed to live 48 years without one, but as soon as I found out about them I thought exactly the same as you....

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