Friday, 12 April 2013

WIP ~ Colours of a butterfly

Craft Snippet Nº14

This is a wall hanging I have been working on for the sewing room, it's a still very much a work in progress, took me  a while to figure out what the butterfly was going to be, toyed with cross stitch then though no, going to make it fabric, next decision was which fabric but in the end it had to be polka dot. 

Up until yesterday, when I had a practice run, I hadn't blanket stitched for about 40 years and it was the first time I had round a shape. 

There's still a bit to do, plus want to add a fabric border, I wasn't going to share, until I had it finished, but I couldn't resist. 

Bye for now
Shirley x


tales from a handmade home said...

Very pretty........I could do with some handmade pretties to brighten up my sewing space.......all I need to do is find some spare time.

katherine said...

I like how it has a 3D feel to it with the little fluffy ball thingies. Very technical term I know lol. Going to be a great piece when you are done.

Wendy said...

oh it's lovely! Are they mini pompoms for the body? You could make it your blog header/avatar

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