Thursday, 21 March 2013

Scissor keeper number 2

Snippet Day 5

I bought a new pair of scissors the start of this month, the large handles make them really comfortable to use and they have micro tip, which makes them great for cutting out. 

So today I set myself the task of making a keeper for them, added the decoration of a flower. I'm quite pleased with it, well at least they fit, I did make one last week and it erm... was a little small, as hubby would say "never mind eh" the main thing is this one is the right size. maybe I should stick to making things with instructions for a while instead of winging it. 

Bye for now
Shirley x


Jean said...

At least you kept going and the result is beautiful.

Wendy said...

so pretty! I need one of these, I keep my scissors on the sofa when I'm hand stitching and they fall into me and jab my legs! And no, don't give up making up patterns, so what if they go wrong sometimes, that's how you learn!

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