Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Room to sew

Over the weekend I set to work and making room to sew, a real room all of my own, do you know I haven't had my own space for 25 years? 

I had plans, I wanted to give the room a fresh coat of paint. I wanted a new blind or curtains, but then I thought why wait, the space is more important, so we set to work, moved a lot of things, Saturday night I went to bed and it was all still pretty much in the middle of the room, I felt let I'd moved home not just one room. A, hour or two on Sunday morning and I had it looking a little more organised. 

One thing I couldn't do without was a desk, so I ordered myself the cheapest I could find that would do the job, Monday I was up and dressed ready to answer the door at 7am, which of course didn't arrive for a few hours but when it did the legs where popped on. 

Hoops hanging on the back of the door waiting to be used.

My stitching stand has somewhere to live. 

Threads. books. buttons and pins all to hand... Now I have the room. I am looking forward to making all the little tweaks it needs.  If anyone is looking for me you'll know where I'll be.


joy said...

How great to have a room of your own, Shirley, I had to wait 64 years for mine. Yours looks very tidy.
Joy xx

Crafty Jean said...

Your own room looks lovely Shirley. I would love a craft room. I wish you many happy hours crafting in it. Jean xx

Wendy said...

so exciting! I love my craft room but it has become a bit of a catch all for junk, I need to sort it out. Also my interests have expanded, it used to be just a card making room, so I'd love to have a jig around.

Tracy said...

It looks terrific I bet you can't wait to start crafting in there! Please tell me it won't always look this tidy, mines a mess most of the time!!

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