Monday, 18 February 2013

Tilda purse - Made by you monday

I am going to see if I am a lucky streak and enter this months, monthly book challenge at Heart of Charnwood with this post. 

                       Heart of Charnwood

This is my first time I've joined in with a link party, so anyone new that has popped in, Hi and welcome, it's good to see you. I've picked Skip to my Lou Made by you Monday

Skip To My Lou

Oh my I did it, I figured out how to but the button in post, oh happy days, so now on with the post. 

Over the weekend I made a little Tilda purse. Last year out of the blue I got a surprise when my pen pals letter arrived with it was a summer magazine from Tilda, truth is I haven't really heard of them but I've since discovered their fabric is very sweet, in the mag was a little kit to make a purse, so yesterday I set about making said purse.

Now you have no idea how long it has been since I have made anything other than a envelope cushion cover, (unless you count the scissor cover I made the other week) but this is the year I decided, that I was going to move forward with my crafts, I have been in a cross stitch bubble for so long now, and all I normally do with them is pop it in a frame.

This is the big time it had a template and everything...  so as you can see I cut out the fabric. 

Last night I'd got to this point just had to sew the closing thing on it, I'm sure there is a real name for it. 

Today I finished the job, now it's not perfect by any means, I am going to make at least another one, once I can decide on the fabric use. 

I learnt a couple of and isn't that what it's all about really.
  • When you are tracing a pattern add a seam allowance before you cut it out.
  • BEFORE you sew anything together check that you have the right sides together. 


Wendy said...

well done you! The bag looks great, especially with the frog closure. I love that you tried something new.

I used to do all the linky parties. I did about 50 a week and got all of about 2 new visitors so I gave it up!

Shirley said...

So that's what it's called thank you Wendy. Just two new visitors, that's not good.

Jille said...

Your new purse looks lovely. Tilda fabric is gorgeous, have you looked on Amazon for some of her books? You'll be hooked! xx

Shirley said...

Thanks Jille, I have looked they are lovely, I bet you can't guess, I have a lot of books on my want list lol

Kimberley Atkinson said...

Pretty purse you made! Aren't penfriends great? I was very lucky with Tracy's swap - they are stunning carrots as you say and I am sure few people have them:).
I am hosting a " Kitchen Things" swap if you want to take a look at my blog.

Shirley said...

Thanks Kimberley, yes penfriends are great, although she is much more than that. I'll pop over and have a look at the swap. x

Busy Little Chicken said...

Lovely purse! I know what you mean about remembering to put the fabric right sides together!! I have spent many hours of unpicking because of this!! :)

Shirley said...

Oh good I'm so pleased it's not just me that does it lol

Indianna said...

That's a very sweet purse. I love Tilda fabrics....but I never knew they did a magazine.

Shirley said...

Hi Indianna, thank you for visiting and posting, I think the mag is one of those available a few times a year.

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