Thursday, 24 January 2013


Hi guys, I thought today hopefully you won't mind me picking your brains, I would ask a couple of questions.

  1. I am trying to find my balance, how often do you blog? Is it just when you feel you have something to say or do you have a little routine, say once or twice a week, which do you think works best in the blogging world? 
  2. I've noticed that quite a few of you have your posts moderated, is that to stop spam or for people that find the need to be nasty, both? 
  3. This is a craft question, I am hoping sometime this year to try a bit of patchwork, what would you recommend to start with? 
  4. This is just a little one to get to know you, what is your favourite craft? 

Hope you are all staying warm and cozy in the cold weather.


Busy Little Chicken said...

Hiya, I just blog when I have time/have something to 'blog' about! I don't have my blog 'moderated' because if I get a comment that is not nice, I think I'd just delete it anyway (I think you can do that, can't you??) I have tried patchwork, but just by trial and error (more error I have to say!! ) so I couldn't really recommend anything, apart from just give it a go and get a book from the library/on line! Have fun :)

joy said...

Hello Shirley, I'm the same as Debi (BLC above), I just blog when I feel like it or if I have something to say, sometimes it will be every day for a week or more, and sometimes less than once a week, I just do it for ME, and if others enjoy then that's a bonus. If you want to pick up more followers, it helps to join in with swaps, etc and photo challenges, that sort of thing.
My comments are moderated just so I can make sure they are OK before they appear before the public, but I dont have (and dont like) word verification, its a pain, and can be switched off so easily.
I tried patchwork for the first time last year, here is the link , I wont be trying it again yet awhile though, as Debi says, if you're not sure either buy a book or borrow from the library.
I'm very much a jack of all trades, I knit, I sew, I crochet, now and again have a go at card making, and at the moment all my creative juices are focused in my photography and making curtains, seat covers etc for my new dining room, so I dont really have a favourite. But I knit or crochet most evenings in front of the TV, so a bit of everything really.
Joy xx

Jille said...

Well, this month I have blogged everyday so far but it won't last!I moderate my posts to stop spam but my compromise is that I don't have the word verification.I always think that hexies are good to do and if you aim for something small it is easily done. They also fit easily in your handbag for on-the-go crafting.I am a fickle crafter as I always like the one I am currently working on best!
Jille xx

Shirley said...

Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by and answering my questions. As far as I know I have the word thing off, I don't like it when its on somewhere,(mainly because I have trouble getting the letters in the right order) If for some reason I haven't switched it off like I think I have if someone could let me know that would be great.

I think I will blog as and for to start with anyway maybe I will try to plan more later who knows.

My great love is cross stitch and have done a few largish projects over the years, I want to grow more with a sewing machine and would love combine small cross stitch and sewing. I have always wanted to do patchwork, but then I think you could say there are lots of crafts I would love to have a go at. A while ago I sort of tried crochet and would love to get to get to grips with that more, trouble is every time I go back to it I feel I need to learn it again, for some reason it's not going in and staying there.

Grammy Braxton said...

I blog when the notion hits me or when I have something to tell. I'm very sporadic and will blog sometimes 3-4 times a week and then go a couple weeks before I blog again. I don't have my blog moderated and luckily, so far, I haven't had a problem with spam.

My first love has been and probably always will be counted cross stitch. I love how the graph turns into an actual thing and how it grows. My largest project was one my MIL bought me. Check out my blog at for the Memories post (8/24/12).

I love to crochet also and want to learn to knit. I admire you for wanting to start sewing. I'm not much of a quilter or sewer but love what other people do.

I am so enjoying getting to know you through your blog.


Shirley said...

Hi Sharon, I love counted cross stitch for the same reason, to start with something blank and it to watch it grow watch the colours come to life I love it.

I will go and check out the memories post.

Shirley x

Wendy said...

hiya, am I a bit late for this?

I try to blog every two days. I don't like to blog much more than that or I'd have nothing to show, but I don't want to be a sporadic blogger either.
I moderate comments only so I can see them! I have never had a nasty comment and don't get spam now I've turned off anonymous commenting. As they're moderated, it shows me on my home page how many comments I have. If they went directly into comments, I might not see them.
As for how to start patchworking, just dive in! Find a pattern you like and go for it. You can only learn by doing.
I won't answer the last question or we'd be here all night ;0)

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